We need to get compliant for DOT Drug Testing, can Quality Physicals help?

YES, we offer consortium services, random pools, dot drug tests, non-dot testing, 7 panel, 11 panel along with breath alcohol testing. Perfect for local companies based out of the Twin Cities metro.

More coming soon...

Tips on filling out the exam forms.

The numbers correspond to the new exam forms under "Driver Health History"

1 - Head / Brain Injuries - letter from treating physician stating the injury, treatment and outcome.

2. Seizures - letter from treating physician stating onset date, frequency and treatment.

3. Eye problems (ex - CURRENT diagnosis of glaucoma, cataracts, etc).  Letter from optometrist / ophthalmologist describing condition and treatment.

5. Heart disease - letter from treating physician stating onset date, condition, treatment, medications and results from most recent stress test or ECG.

6. Pacemaker, stents - same as above except for pacemaker, add documented pacemaker checks.

9. Chronic cough, etc - letter from treating physician stating condition, onset date, treatment and restrictions.

13. Diabetes - most recent A1C results (within 3 months of exam).  Poor results (levels above 8.5) will require letter from treating physician stating you are monitored and your diabetes is satisfactorily under control.

14. Anxiety, depression, mental health - letter from treating physician stating condition that you are treated for, onset date, medications, stability and any history of suicidal behavior.

15. Fainting or passing out - letter from treating physician stating onset date, treatment, prognosis, risk for recurrence.

16. Dizziness, headaches, memory loss - letter from treating physician stating onset date, severity, treatment.

18. Stroke - letter from treating physician stating onset date, diagnosis, treatment, residual effects and medications.

22. Blood clots - letter from treating physician stating onset date, diagnosis, medications and most recent INR check if on blood thinners.

23. Cancer - letter from treating physician stating onset date, diagnosis, treatment, prognosis, medications and restrictions.

24. Chronic diseases - letter from treating physician stating onset date, diagnosis, treatment and prognosis.

26. Sleep test - if you have a CPAP, a recent compliance report is required (within the last 6 months), if our clinic does not already have one on file.

If we have your information on file from a past exam you may only be required to provide updates for any health conditions that may have changed since your last exam.  For example the DOT requires stress tests every 1 - 2 years depending on your heart history.

Will you make me get a sleep study?

Obviously I can't say yes or no without actually seeing you, it depends on a number of factors. What I can say is that I don't get any kick backs from sleep clinics looking for new patients.  But if you're 5'6" and 320lbs, there's a really good chance you have sleep apnea!


Where are you based out of?

I am based in Burnsville, MN. I've performed DOT physicals for drivers all over the state for various companies, but my main area of focus is around the Twin Cites metro. Savage, Prior Lake, Burnsville, Lakeville, Eagan, Shakopee, St Paul, Minneapolis, Bloomington, Edina, St Louis Park, Eden Prairie, even Northfield, Jordan and Belle Plaine

The use of a hearing aid itself is not an automatically disqualifying, as long as you can still hear. You'll just need to prove that you know how to use it, wear it, and have a backup pair of batteries in your truck.

I have a hearing aid, will I still qualify?

I have a history of seizures, fainting, narcolepsy or bipolar disorders should I still spend the money on getting my CDL?

NO. These conditions will make it very difficult or impossible to obtain a medical card.  The FMCSA has very specific rules about these types of conditions, and some waiting periods can be up to 8 years!


If I have diabetes, will I still qualify?

Diabetes does not specifically disqualify you, but it does limit the length of certification. If you have insulin dependent diabetes, you'll need a special waiver as well (see the Forms page).  As long as your diabetes is well controlled, you shouldn't have a problem.  If you have a recent A1c with you, that helps.

Will I get the health card the same day?

Yes, if you pass everything and qualify, you'll get the Medical Examiners Certificate (health card). That's the piece of paper you need to take to the DMV to maintain your CDL.

I have kidney failure and am on dialysis, can I still get my medical card?

NO, dialysis is disqualifying.


I didn't show up for my appointment, can I make another one?

The short answer is NO. But if you have to come in even after leaving a bad first impression, your only option is to pay a $20 NO SHOW fee. Then call the office to reschedule. Do not attempt to re-book online, it will be rejected.


I just had a heart attack, when can I get behind the wheel again?

I can only see out of one eye, is that disqualifying?

You'll need a letter from your cardiologist clearing you for work and possibly a current stress test. There are specific guidelines that the FMCSA has laid out for Medical Examiners to follow with regards to specific heart conditions.

You will need a vision waiver, see the Forms page.

I'm on blood pressure medications, is that bad?

As long as you can document the proper use of your prescription over a certain period and can provide the prescribing doctors information, you're in good shape.

If your blood pressure is always high in office, you might want to get your doctor to print out your last 3 BP readings and bring those along.

You will require a SPE to complete your physical requirements (see the Forms page).

If I am missing a limb, will I still pass?

What goes on during a typical DOT physical?

These physicals are regulated by the FMCSA, so we have to follow their criteria. They set the regulations and paper work that we need to follow (all of which you can find on the Forms page).
Basically we need a bunch of information from you (we'll be asking a lot of questions and you'll be doing a little bit of paper work), we'll check your vision, your blood pressure, your height and weight, do some basic range of motion and other assessments. This isn't a "turn your head and cough" physical, you can keep your clothes on for the most part. The only "lab work" required is the urinalysis which only takes about 2 minutes.
Depending on your health history, you may be required to undergo additional testing with your treating physician, or provide additional paperwork or lab results.


Are you certified by the NRCME?

Yes. Our certification number is 9986667592