We offer customizable random draws and testing services.  This service is available to anyone in the United States.  We offer convenient test notification options, and various random frequency draws.  This program can be completely customized to your individual needs.

If you are calling from a local Court, County Clerks Office or Law Firm and plan on sending individuals to our Burnsville office for testing, there is NO FEE for the random service.  Simply call our office to get started.


If you are an individual who has to schedule this service on your own to be compliant with an ordering court, county or parole officer, there is a $20 registration fee.  Contact us to get started.


We have numerous testing options to choose from, please call or email us to get more information depending on your specific needs.
5-11 Panel uring tests, Breath or urine Alcohol testing options, 6 Panel instant tests, 5-9 Panel Hair Testing, and more.


We offer over 10,000 collection sites nationwide for you to utilize.
Either 5 or 10 panel urine or hair drug tests are available for this service

Please CLICK HERE to place an order (you must be a registered member of our random pool).


If you want to locate the nearest collection site, please click HERE.  Enter your zip, then select Drug Screen / Urine or Hair